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Indeko-plus Coating: Premium Finish for Interiors


Indeko-plus delivers unmatched quality for interior walls and ceilings. With its double covering power, one coat often does the job. It dries rapidly and is virtually odorless, making it the choice for spaces where time is of the essence and fresh paint smell is a concern. Ideal for hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, and homes.


Key Features:

  • High Efficiency: One coat coverage in most scenarios.
  • Quick & Low Odor: Dries fast with minimal scent.
  • Eco-Friendly: Water-thinnable, low odor, and ecologically sound.
  • Easy Touch-Up: Effortless to rectify and maintain.
  • Aesthetic: High whiteness with a dead-matt finish (DIN EN 13 300).
  • Durable: Non-yellowing and diffusion-capable.


Material Base: Synthetic resin dispersion/emulsion as per DIN 55945 standard.


Storage: Preserve Indeko-plus in a cool, frost-free location.


FREE Custom Tinting: Choose your shade! Provide the RAL code or color name at checkout, and we'll tint Indeko-plus for you at no extra cost.


For inquiries or more details, reach out to our team.


Indeko-plus WHITE

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