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Caparol Haftgrund EG: The Tradesman's Choice for Superior Priming

Step up your professional game with Caparol Haftgrund EG. Designed with the rigors of trade projects in mind, this primer delivers unparalleled adhesion and is tailor-made for water-borne coatings.

Trade Benefits:

  • Effortless Application: Get consistent results every time, making it a staple for commercial and large-scale endeavors.
  • Custom Tinting: Got a specific colour palette in mind? We'll match it. And the best part? Tinting is on us, with no extra charge.
  • Eco-Conscious: Deliver premium quality while being environmentally responsible with our DAW SE compliant formula.
  • Maximum Value: Ensure the best coverage and value for your investment.

Equip your toolkit with Caparol Haftgrund EG and set the gold standard in painting.

Caparol Haftgrund EG

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