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Amphibolin Primer: Your All-Surface Solution


Amphibolin is a top-tier, water-dilutable paint primer tailored for superior adhesion across diverse surfaces, including wood, metals, rigid PVC, and more.


Key Features:

  • Versatile Adhesion: Bonds strongly to various materials.
  • Eco-Friendly: Water-based for minimal environmental impact.
  • User-Friendly: Quick drying and easy to sand.
  • Safety Certified: Meets DIN EN 71-3 standards; safe for children's toys.
  • Matt Finish: Provides a sleek, subtle look.
  • Shelf Life: Remains effective for up to 24 months when stored properly.

Application: Ready-to-use; can be applied by brush, roller, or sprayer. Stir before use. If necessary, dilute with up to 5% potable water. Ensure the substrate is clean and dry prior to application.


Custom Tinting: Desire a unique shade? Provide us with the RAL code or color name during checkout, and we'll handle the tinting at no extra cost.


For any queries or additional information, contact our team.



Amphibolin White

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