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AmphiSilan-Fassadenputz K 15

Product Description:

AmphiSilan-Fassadenputz K 15 is a ready-to-use, structurable silicone resin finishing coat for mineral and organic wall and ceiling surfaces outdoors. It can be used in conjunction with the Capatect facade systems.

Material Properties:

  • Highly water vapour permeable.
  • Water-repellent.
  • Elegant application.
  • Water-dilutable.
  • Increased protection against fungal and algae infestation.
  • Balanced filler-aggregate combination with non-fading pigments.

Packaging/Package Size:

  • 25 kg bucket.


  • White.

AmphiSilan-Fassadenputz K 15 can be tinted by the manufacturer. It is suitable for machine tinting with dosing systems from ColorExpress. Further custom colors with a lightness value > 20 are available upon request. If colors with a lightness value < 20 are required for design reasons, they can be achieved in some cases with a double coat of Muresko CoolProtect paint. Small quantities can be tinted with CaparolColor or AmphibolinColor colourants with a maximum of 2% to avoid low consistency.

Custom Tinting Option:

At Midlands Paints, we understand the importance of color selection. That's why we offer a custom tinting service at no extra charge. If you would like AmphiSilan-Fassadenputz K 15 in a different color, simply provide the RAL code or manufacturer color name at the checkout when placing your order. We'll be delighted to tint it for you.

Gloss Level:



Store AmphiSilan-Fassadenputz K 15 in a cool, dry, frost-free place and protect it from direct sunlight.


Approximately 1.8 g/cm³.

Diffusion-equivalent Air Layer Thickness sdH2O:

< 0.14 m according to DIN ISO 7783.

Class V1 (high) as per DIN EN 15824.

Adhesive Tensile Strength:

≥ 0.3 MPa as per DIN EN 15824.

Fire Behaviour:

A2-s1, d0 as per DIN EN 13501-1 (non-combustible).



Vehicle / Binding Agent:

Silicone resin.

Water Permeability (w-value):

≤ 0.1 kg/(m²·h^0.5) as per DIN EN 1062-3.

Klasse W3

AmphiSilan-Fassadenputz K15 25kg Tub

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